Make Today Count

Make Today Count

by Jason Lipoff


How can you make TODAY count? You can read all the inspiration and motivation in the world; However, when you are personally faced with a crossroad…it just isn’t easy to do as you say. Me included! I say all the time that you need to carve out your deep seeded ‘why’ or motivation when you start to change a habit or do something new in your life. I tell you to find someone you trust and that has done it right. I tell you the key is consistency. Just follow the steps over a period of time and you will see results. I tell you that the steps are easy (in that the actions are easy to perform when considered separately) but doing them consistently is what takes strength. I tell you that the strength to overcome obstacles (that will inevitably be upon you) comes in numbers. Find a support partner. An accountability group. Someone you can check-in to to hold you accountable. Otherwise you will fall and no one will be able to convince you move forward. I tell you that when the times are tough, you can go back to that deep seeded ‘why’ to remember why you started; that will give you a little boost of motivation/momentum to keep going because life isn’t as fulfilling down there. I tell you that sharing this ‘secret to success’ with others, teaching others how to beat the winds of change, seeking out people that need accountability partners,etc is what is NECESSARY to keep you on top of your game, learning everyday, and solidifying your new habit. Even with all this information, guess what? It’s not easy for me either. When I hit a really tough day….when I feel like the last 24 hours has been nothing but (”Take a step back , Jason and breathe…it’s gonna be ok…)….I want to quit SO BAD and just go back to what is comfortable…. but then i think. WAIT A MINUTE. Life is a challenge again. I started something for a reason. A reason that is part of my being. A reason that WILL, unequivocally make me a better person. Something that makes ME a better person is something that makes my children and family better people. Something that makes all my friends better people because they follow my lead. And tying into all this; I have people relying on me to save their lives (all the wonderful people I coach or advise) There is NO WAY I am turning back now. Excitement in the morning to see what obstacle I can overcome??? I CRAVE IT.
The more difficult a situation I’m faced with, the more fulfilling life will be at the other end of THIS rainbow. And every single time I’m faced with something new, which happens daily….I write down my emotional state and time myself….how fast can I CHANGE MY STATE. The faster I do, the faster I can move towards my goal. GET BUSY LIVING. OR GET BUSY DYING. You’re all awesome. Find your grit. Discover your passion. Remember to smile. Yeah….that’s what I’m talking about.

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