Inside Shakeology | How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

“Stay Healthy for the Holidays | Inside Shakeology” audio=”″ How can Shakeology help YOU stay healthy through the holidays? Drink Shakeology before party. It curbs your appetite and stops you from overeating. Since I’m a very picky eater at least I know I got all my dense nutrients in before … Continue reading

Make Today Count

TNT Nation Motivation

Make Today Count by Jason Lipoff   How can you make TODAY count? You can read all the inspiration and motivation in the world; However, when you are personally faced with a crossroad…it just isn’t easy to do as you say. Me included! I say all the time that you … Continue reading

5 Ways to Fight Stress

**As seen on website** If you’re lucky enough to have a job, odds are you’re overworked. A survey conducted by Good Technology found that 80% of participants fielded calls, answered emails, and did other miscellaneous work-type stuff at home after leaving the office. All of that “bonus” time added … Continue reading

Which Is Better for Losing Weight: Diet or Exercise?

Which Is Better for Losing Weight: Diet or Exercise? By Rebecca Swanner   If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, we bet you’ve wondered: Is diet or exercise more effective? Spoiler alert: The answer is both, done together. Only work out and you’ll have a hard time losing inches or … Continue reading