One Year Later as a Team Beachbody Coach

I wanted to write this blog post to provide our team with some ‘deeper’ thoughts to be successful as a team beachbody coach and in life.

October 2013: Brooke and I decided to become team beachbody coaches for the discount. We loved the idea of 25% off Shakeology. I’m not sure what made us take the leap to start training and becoming involved, but we did. I signed up for Wayne Wyatt and Teamripped’s 60 day training. For the first time, I purchased a personal development book. We had to make a binder full of the resources provided in the coach online office. I completed the 60 days, but Brooke and I realized that the coaches we attract are a little different than TeamRipped. We had to go through months of successes and failures with training (what was working and what was not) before streamlining the process.

The  KEY to any networking marketing business is a SYSTEM. A SYSTEM to plug people into so you (as a coach) do not have to do everything. For Brooke and I, we HAD to do everything at the beginning because there was no system geared towards our people. There is a Beachbody system, a team next level system, a team ripped system, and we tried to plug people into those systems. Why?

We were still figuring out

  1.  What was working for OUR people
  2. We didn’t have enough coaches to really see who we were

Brooke and I had to spend MONTH, DAYS, HOURS figuring out what works. Well, now we pretty much have a clear understanding of what works. When coaches are added to our amazing team, they are just like us. We know who we are now.So, when you all sign up coaches,etc you don’t have to do it all. You plug them into a SYSTEM.

You refer them to our TEAM COACHES FACEBOOK PAGE. (tnt nation coaches).  So, the fact you are new and are learning the ins and outs of coaching is OK!!! As a matter of fact, that’s a good thing! You shouldn’t know all the answers. You just NEED to know where to send them. And the answer is 1. refer to upline 2. ask questions in the tnt nation coaches page  3. refer to coach online office  (FAQ) etc.    We have (and are creating) forms for everyone!!

So, NOW, when you sign up a coach or challenger, you don’t just let them go. That’s when you have to get them started right. Coaches need to be placed in training ASAP, Getting Started Right call,etc.

Challengers need to be placed in a challenge group ASAP, goals written down, Shakeology ship date written down, 2 week follow up by coach to see how they are LOVING their Shakeology, and so on.

So now, getting challengers and coaches started right is EASY and REPLICATABLE. Your daily accountability can come from the TNT Nation coaches page. Every resource is there for you to succeed. How do I know we have one of the best, fastest, tightest knit teams in all of Beachbody? Look at this month’s SC for Team Ripped (our upline team of over 1,000 coaches)…and how many hit success club….it’s not magic…we’re not special…we don’t have less struggle…we just are CONSISTENT and asking the right questions every single day and reaching out to new people every single day. Exhausted? I get exhausted weekly…but I take a step back, think about why I’m doing this again…..and get right back to it.


So, have a great day everyone and let’s make February a month to remember and help even more lives than ever!

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