Knee Problems? Exercise tips to succeed!

The Best Workout for Those With Bad Knees (as posted on on 7-7-14)  “What’s a good workout if you have bad knees?” – Martha W. The Short Answer:“Bad knees” is a broad term, but in general, the more you can work your knees, the stronger they will get. Unfortunately, this … Continue reading

How to stay fit and eat right without dieting

    (as posted by Croftraider on   I have some good news for you. Your body is really smart, and knows exactly what it needs to function at its very best. You’re brain? Not so much. Unless you’re in dire need of carbohydrates, your body will never tell … Continue reading

Say NO! to Soda!

here are countless reasons to stop drinking soda, immediately. Soda consumption has been linked to a host of diseases, including a dramatic increase in the risk for developing cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The phosphoric acid that gives soda it’s “refreshing” zing, is caustic enough to remove rust from the hulls of … Continue reading

Health Tip: Is Your Child Old Enough to Stay Home Alone?

Health Tip: Is Your Child Old Enough to Stay Home Alone? HealthDayMay 9, 2014Leave a Comment SHARE By Diana Kohnle, HealthDay Reporter (HealthDay News) — There’s no magic age at which your child is emotionally ready to stay home alone. Each child must be evaluated individually, experts say. The University of Michigan … Continue reading

How to Stop the Spread of Superbugs!

Eight things you can do today to help stop the spread of killer ‘superbugs’ BY LENNY BERNSTEIN May 7 at 3:36 pm Listeria bacteria is extracted for genome sequencing at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.  (AP/David Goldman) The World Health Organization warned April 30 that the planet … Continue reading