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    The Katie and Chad Graue Story Chad and I just recently celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary. For years, we’ve been loving parents of two children, professionals in our fields, and . . . in credit card debt. So, yeah. We know what it means to struggle balancing our … Continue reading

Day 20: Referrals

Referrals are a part of our daily life, from referring friends and family to checking out a great restaurant or movie to asking for advice on childcare and schools.

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know for referrals.

Even if a friend isn’t interested in joining one of your Challenge Groups they might know someone who is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Expanding your network through referrals is a great way to add contacts to your list.

Let’s all share one way we have asked for referrals, or how you have been asked in the past! Think about your friends and family and jot down the names of 5 people you know that have lots of friends.

Take the time today to reach out to all 5 people and ask them for referrals.

Be sure you share COACH BASICS: DAILY COACHING GUIDE 14 with them that your intent is to help more people.

When you do this frequently you will find it gets easier each time!

Celebrating 2 years with Team Beachbody!


It’s crazy to think that just two years ago I was first introduced to Beachbody. It was July 4th, I found some of the Insanity workouts online (shh! don’t tell anyone) and would play the workouts on my laptop. I quickly realized two things: 
1. I was not in NEARLY as good shape as I thought.  
2. This is AWESOME
So, on and off I would do the programs, mixing in my regular routine, diet was the same. 

I remember complaining of lower back pain to my baseball teammate Sean Grove – his response,
 “Dude, you need to try this. It’s awesome. ” And so I became a Beachbody customer in September 2013, hopping right in to Insanity: Asylum Sports Conditioning. 

Little did I know how one program could transform my body. Clean eating, exercise, nutrition, and making sure I stayed on track was the key. 

Physically, I felt better than I ever had in my life and I wanted to start sharing that with people. So, between my full-time job as a pediatric dentist, between office hours and surgeries, I started reading up on the company, the business model, the mission, the BIG PICTURE. 

Very impressed. 
Before moving to Louisville and opening my pediatric dental practice in Southern Indiana, I have to admit, I would look at the overweight populations in America and blame them. 

Blame them because they should be eating better and exercising more. Bitch to people about ‘what this person should do and that person should do’. How foolish I was. You see, when you live in a big city, and life is moving pretty fast around you, it’s hard to stop and look within yourself to assess your own happiness. 

The pace of life forces your brain to adjust constantly to its surroundings so people never really get a chance to truly develop into a better person. It’s just go, go, go. 

You have a job, kids, work some more, your personality is your personality..and that’s just the way it is. Some people are happy, some are not. 

But are they truly FULFILLED?
The families that I meet in Southern Indiana are quite different. Faith is a HUGE part of people’s lives. It brings together the community. 

It encourages interaction among like-minded people. 

Faith in something greater gives meaning and purpose to their lives. 

Yet still I am seeing more and more parents that just seem overwhelmed with life.  

Children that are seeking direction and a ‘path to happiness’; parents that want the best for their kids…yet seem increasingly frustrated because what they are doing isn’t working.

So what’s the missing piece?  

The missing piece is that people need to find a deep reason to change. 
If you surround yourself with positive thinking people EVERYDAY, your mind will open up to the ideas and principles of positivity. 



People are looking to get healthy. Many try. But few succeed. Life gets in the way and it’s right back to where you started. So I show people that they are making it too hard on themselves. Stop trying to change and just immerse yourself in the ideas and principles of what you WANT TO BE.  

Just by being a Beachbody coach and surrounding myself with all these positive thinking people, listening to monday morning wakeup calls, discussions with other coaches, helping people change their lives, reading personal development around my busy schedule, putting an audio of personal growth in my car while driving to my busy job – I am creating my own destiny around my busy life. 
THATS HOW I CHANGED MY LIFE. Now, by PAYING IT FORWARD and helping all these amazing men, women and children in the community that I live… by saving their lives….I can’t put into words how grateful I am.  
It’s time to stop complaining about all the stuff in this world that’s wrong….and start focusing on what’s right.
Team Beachbody empowers people to NEVER GIVE UP. It aims to bring together communities to help people lead healthy, fulfilling lives. We live our lives according to principles and values stated in the Bible (or Koran or Torah. Why do we believe in it? We accept it as truth and the proven way to live our life. 

Without the Bible, many people would lack the direction needed to live a worthy life.
It’s the same thing with Beachbody ( as ridiculous as that sounds). The structure and written materials provide SIMPLE, PROVEN ways to empower yourself one day at time, to lead a healthy,fulfilling life. 

Imagine a world where your income (part time or full time) is a DIRECT reflection of people’s lives you help change. A DIRECT reflection of how many people you’ve told to NEVER GIVE UP. The more I say that to myself the easier it gets to work it around my busy work and my busy life. It really is the complete solution and it’s not a gimmick and it’s not a joke. 
You get ONE life to live. 
Are you going to look back on your life and be proud of what you’ve done? You may not have children and may not care about 99% of the world up to this point…but there is one thing common to all of us. Helping yourself feels good. However, helping others and receiving gratitude in return feels 10 x better.
In lieu of this 4th of July weekend, FREE YOURSELF from your past and live TODAY.
If you or anyone you know would like more information about joining our tribe, send me a message or comment below.

How to be more productive this week

courtesy of Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy Series


As you know, I’m obsessed with high performance and helping you hit extraordinary levels of motivation and success in life.

So before the week gets crazy, resolve to do these 5 things, starting tomorrow, and you’ll be 30% more productive (and energized):

1. Sleep 50 minutes more.

Unless you usually sleep 8 hours per night, bump your regular sleep routine up by 50 minutes. This means go to bed 50 minutes earlier. That extra sleep will improve your cognitive scores by 22% within 7 days. Nice! Plus, you’ll have more energy to get stuff done, and you’ll be kinder to others – yep, the science proves it.

2. Spend 50 minutes in the morning stretching and strategizing.

Stretch for 20 minutes (I recommend yoga) then strategize your day for 30 minutes. This means you do not check email or respond to others in the first 50 minutes of the day. This alone will change your life. The inbox is nothing but a convenient organizing system of other peoples’ agendas; so if you begin the day in your inbox you are framing the day in reaction not thought. Instead, get in tune with your body, then sit down and decide on the major projects and priorities you will dramatically move forward today. If you’re not strategizing and actually *thinking* about your day, goals and life for 30 minutes per day, you’re not yet living an intentional and fully conscious life.

3. Work/create in 50-minute scheduled blocks. During these blocks, NOTHING is allowed to happen except you focus and work. You don’t take calls, look at your inbox, browse, or start other activities. You do ONE THING. I block 3-4 of these per day and it’s why, in just a few years, I became “the most prolific content developer and trainer in the personal development world.” It’s how I amassed 3MM followers and built an 8-figure company. FOCUS.

4. Every 50 minutes, take a BREAK. I set an alarm on my phone to go off every 50 minutes. It helps me get that block time done, but it also makes sure I stand, stretch and hydrate every hour. No matter what I’m doing, no matter how interested or passionate I am, at the 50-minute mark I stand, get water, stretch or walk, even if just for 3-10minutes. It refreshes the mind, allows the body to re-align after sitting, and builds up tremendous stores of energy.

5. Create 50 minute renewal times. I do 20 minutes of the Release Meditation Technique every day, and I also walk briskly OUTSIDE for 30 minutes – EVERY day. That’s 50 minutes in the day total to completely focus on energy renewal. Yes, I also work out every other day, but that is not counted in this or the other 50 minute blocks, but yours could. This 50 minutes of total renewal each day is a MUST for high performers who want to be creative, energized and without gobs of stress.

I’ve proven these five things can get anyone 30% more energy and effectiveness in just one week.

What else could you be doing to perform at elite levels, to reach your full potential, to move your life forward with dramatic progress?

What else are you missing? What science don’t you know? What can be distilled from the world’s leading CEOs, athletes, entrepreneurs, strivers?

That’s what I’m teaching in my new Academy.

This is your last week to get in. 

It’s for A-players and people who want to become extraordinary. It’s mastery-level training – stuff only the world’s most successful people even know about or do. 

I’m closing this Friday and never making this particular offer – a full year of coaching from me – again.

Are you ready for a stunning amount of energy and progress in life?

That’s what high performance methodology, habits, and tools give you.

Let me help you.

Let’s take it to the next level,

– Brendon

21 Day Fit Challenge | Monday July 6th 2015

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OK guys! here’s your video post for the day!


Action Step for Monday:

1.As you head into this final week, is this challenge what you thought? Good, bad, in between?

Please comment below and discuss. I encourage you to look at what everyone else says and interact. Have a great Monday!


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