Day 9 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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Happy Tuesday!!

Another week off and running folks!
Did we all pair up? I know Michelle and Tracy paired up as partners. Who else? I’d really like for you to pair up with someone besides your coach. Again it’s not mandatory, but I just thought it’d be nice to create a form of community amongst each other.

Also, I encourage you to use social media to spread your message. Try and focus on what’s going on in your life…but how you can create a message to HELP someone else reading it.
Also, maybe throw a message here and there, post a workout video (along with a message of how it makes you feel or why you are doing it) …or a picture of you with shakeology (adding how it’s benefiting you) ….whatever you’d like!

And now, on to today’s video… I LOVE THiS ONE!

Today’s message comes straight from Brendon’s video today.

Action step for today:

After you watch video, Name one person you WANT to be comparing yourself to.

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Day 8 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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Hey Challengers and Coaches! Welcome to Week 2! Wow we have had some interesting things happen this week!
A car accident, one of our challengers was in the hospital ( now back home resting) and we are WIPED out from this weekend’s super saturday and sunday events!

And now, let’s talk PD and motivation all you amazing, awesome people!

Your success lies in your development throughout this challenge. The only way you can develop is through personal development,
surrounding yourself with other people that make you better
and learning as you stumble and move forward.
For some of you, this is the first time, or first time in a LONG time, that you have had to deal with challenge but, instead of quitting, get back on the horse and forge on! For that I commend each and every one of you!

I have said this before, the difference between our community and any others is that you are surrounded by people that will lift you UP, focus on adding positive (not avoiding the negative).

Whether you have been plugging in daily or once in a while, if you are reading this post that means you are farther ahead than you were before you started this challenge.

With two weeks left of this group, my hopes are that you realize how REAL the struggle is, how NECESSARY having a group of people around you to hold you accountable is necessary, AND for you to feel you don’t want to let anyone down.

This isn’t about scales or pounds or fitting into those new jeans. This is about turning your eyes and ears away from the rest of the world. A world that corrupts and pollutes your mind. A world that convinces you this is NOT the way. It’s a scam. Don’t believe this person. Or that person.
Well they are right about that one. The only person you should trust and believe is YOU. Absorb information but ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS test it on yourself to see if it makes sense and if you believe it.
Drink. Eat. Move. Learn. Grow. Educate. Teach. Fall. Climb. NEVER EVER QUIT.

So simple yet so few can truly get on that path of mastery.

I say this again. I am SO very proud of each and every one of you; not only for committing to your health and wellness goals…but for being STRONG in my challenge group.

I tell it like it is. I see the majority of challenge groups are the typical before/after weight loss groups. Sure they will spackle personal development and make mentions to becoming a coach…but I take it to a whole new level.

I am VERY vocal about my passion. I’ve never been about selling products or pushing false hope. What i AM about is believing in TRIBES. In COMMUNITY. Your life can be a mess right now…and you could have made a dozen mistakes in your first challenge with Beachbody…but as long as you are PART of this community…you are moving forward. Why? Because your struggles are your story. For every hiccup there is another man/women that is waiting to be connected with you….to tell them..HEY! it’s ok…I’m as messed up as you…I’m with a group of people making me BETTER….and because of that…I know I’m going to be better!
Next, what about all the men/women that have been wondering what you have been doing this past month? If you have been actively engaging, reading the Compound Effect (or the Charge) and putting it to action….you have a few close friends or family that would benefit from the amazing VALUE these groups provide.

I’ve talked with several of you about your progress. Remember: we focus on your successes. NOT failures.

Also, I have created a weekly accountability form for you to complete and submit every Friday; It was suggested by one of you guys and I have answered the call!

Action step for Today:

1. I would like you to find an accountability partner. Look up the people in this group and pair up. I really believe it’s so important to have someone besides the group or myself to check in daily (even if it’s just a text) to hold each other accountable on the 5 areas of growth.
This was ALSO suggested by one of our challengers. You don’t HAVE to do this…but I do think it can only help. Again, it’s up to you.

2. Watch video for today and comment below

3. identify how you are going to approach this week differently (if you are not satisfied with your weekly result)

And lastly, here’s some motivation for you!

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Day 4 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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Hey all you guys!! It’s Day 4 of your AMAZING 21 Day Challenge! Almost to FRIDAY! YIPPEE!!

Have you hit any sig. struggle points already? Setbacks? Please feel free to share with the group!

Because I searched for (what I think) is a GREAT video on how to deal with negative nancies or negative people in your life.The inspiration for today’s video comes from a situation that one of our TNT Nation coaches had to deal with last month. Haley Crites Biggert is one of our amazing Challengers in last month’s group experienced first-hand the naysayers and the trash talkers about her new-found commitment to her health and wellness; she is also a Team Beachbody Coach; she signed up to be a coach right away so she could jump in with both feet…inspiring and motivating along the way!!

Well, what happens in life when you try something new or different? What happens when you are doing something that is DIFFERENT than those closest to you? What happens when one person’s energy and passion is flowing outward?

It disrupts harmony. Regardless of whether it’s a good thing or bad thing, human being resist change. We don’t like it. We don’t like people that are different.
Truth: You will NEVER and I mean NEVER meet a successful person that wanted you to fail.

If they are truly successful then they know EXACTLY what it takes to get ahead!
Watch this video for 5 amazing ways to overcome negativity in your life. Brigitte Linford is a top beachbody coach and one of my favorites to listen to. Her story from mental institution to financial freedom, crushing all the naysayers along the way, is a bit of a tear jerker. She’s an honest, sweet person and a pleasure to listen to.
Please watch and post below 3 (THREE TAKEAWAYS)

In Chapter 5 Darren Hardy talks about influences. One of the BIGGEST ways that I was able to drown out the negativity and naysayers was surrounding myself with positive people, turning off the news and reality TV…and immersing myself in personal development to make me a more positive,intentional person.
If you want to crush the naysayers in your life, you must be intentional in your actions and be consistent in your daily agenda.

Action Step for TODAY:

What do YOU do (or WILL YOU DO) in your daily agenda to help with this?

OK, so 3 Action Steps for Today folks as we move closer to the end of Week 1/3!!!!! You guys ARE DOING IT!
1. Watch video
2. post below 3 (THREE TAKEAWAYS)
3. What do YOU do (or WILL YOU DO) in your daily agenda to help with this?
Have a great day!

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Day 3 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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Happy Day 3 Folks!


How is the beginning of this week going?

Are you using your accountability tracker? If you recall, I wanted you guys to create your own simple tracker with 5 areas:

1. Water intake (1/2 your body weight in ounces) write down that amount and check it off if you got and write how much)

2. Personal development – write down what book you are reading or listening to (you NEED to get at least 10 minutes a day – I had someone tell me two months ago I recall that they had so much on their plate they couldn’t fit in 10 minutes a day. YOU are your #1 priority. Period. You may not see the importance of personal development but if you ask 100% of the most successful people in this world they will all tell you PD is the secret sauce. It’s the little things… If you have to, keep it by your bedside and do it first thing in the morning. Listen to it in the car. Podcasts are great too!
Recommended podcasts to Start:
-The Chalene Show – might be the best for challengers
-Build Your Tribe

3. Shakeology – check it off if you drank it. Some of you have had to scale into drinking it because of taste preferences and that’s ok! But if you want the BEST results…this is what you need. If you are allergic or have bad reactions to it, please contact me and i can recommend some alternatives.

4. Your daily workout – I would like EVERYONE of you to post below your schedule and when you will fit in your 30 minutes workout.

5. Your portion controlled meal plan – this will be a process – help from the whole family or from this group is gonna be huge. As I stated before, pinterest has WONDERFUL recipes – please feel free to post your favorite ones in the group. I will create a folder for RECIPES later today in this group. The FIXATE cookbook is amazing as well.

ALSO, The BEST way to have people hold you accountable is to take a picture of YOU with your beachbody challenge box when it comes in the mail (you can still do it if you have already started) – take a picture of YOU holding it, tag ME in this post…and write what and WHY you are doing this…it’s amazing when you make it public how it adds a level of accountability…and some people will ask what you are doing!

If you haven’t already, go to and enter the challenge.

Oh, if you haven’t taken the time, go to – that website has SO MUCH amazing information, videos and great stuff to educate yourself on nutrition and shakeology in particular.

Your BEFORE photos – make sure you take them with a camera with proper lighting, in a bikini or tight fitting clothing. When you submit your pictures to beachbody they will ask for those, and that is how you will win (at least) the daily $500 prize!

**As a reminder, Daily POST will be PINNED POST for easy access every day – IT WILL ALSO BE ADDED TO THE WEBSITE PAGE IF YOU’D RATHER USE THAT RESOURCE**

Here is a video from my man Tony Robbins about how tweaking just the smallest things in our lives can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


1. Thoughts on Tony’s video

2. What were TWO big takeaways from your readings of the Compound Effect?

3. Assignment: Read at least chapter 3 and 4 – we will DISCUSS it during the day and into tomorrow morning

It’s getting good, isn’t it!


[box] [/box]


Day 2 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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Good morning ladies and gentleman! It’s Tuesday!

Isn’t it fascinating how many people live their entire lives working 5 days so they can relax and enjoy 2 days. And then, with children, bills, other obligations,etc those 2 days get filled up too!
Is it any wonder why we all feel like we are living in a rat race? We are surround by people that wake up at 5am but just wish it was 5pm so they could rush back home, head to the gym, the bar, whatever…and then do it all over again tomorrow.

Within this winless schedule we’ve adopted in our society, we are trying to make healthy choices, be the best spouse and/or parent as possible, find time to enjoy ourselves in between the activity that takes up the majority of time in our lives (besides sleep) so that we can afford the things we have.

Whether you are a factory worker, McDonalds cashier or Orthopedic Surgeon, we can all feel unfulfilled in our lives. Why is that? Doesn’t money buy happiness?

An interesting thing occurs with money…
the more you make, the more you spend.

And if you never grew up with money and now you have it…you are even more inclined to buy the things you never could…and you might not know how to save, invest and plan for the future.
There’s good news.

Money doesn’t buy happiness; it gives us opportunity. Opportunity brings change. For change to occur, we must take action NOW.

Another aspect of happiness is growth, challenge and community.
When I was in high school or college, I became addicted to the courses I was taking where I REALLY felt in tune with the instructor and what was being taught. I felt I was growing. I was learning more about our world.
We must be lifelong learners. Learners in topics that encourage development of the mind, soul and body. Learn how to harness the power of the mind to achieve anything. Learn how amazing our bodies are and when you fuel it properly it will reward you 100-fold. Learn that failing is necessary to succeed. Learn what if feels like to FAIL but FAIL when you saw it coming, knew you had to fail first…and expand your mind to overcome obstacles.
The outside world watches TV. The news. Reality TV. The opinions of others. The voices of a community whose actions are not in line with your purpose.
The PURPOSEFUL world, the world you are entering now, lives a life ON PURPOSE. Your outside body is ONLY a result of the choices you’ve made until now. Why does the vision in the mirror (YOU) make such a huge impact on our psyche. It can crush a self esteem or allow us to be more confident. Why? Is it because it tells us if we are making progress? OR are we all too effected by the opinions of others to make the decision for us.

Personal development will allow you to internalize everything; you will see yourself differently in the mirror eventually…that before and after is just one of several measurements to see if you met your goals…and if not, go back to the steps you needed to take and see what went wrong.
This is very hard to conceptualize for many because we live in a world where beauty, the outer beauty is associated with positive thoughts, according to the press.

The 1% don’t think or act like that.The most successful people in the world are formulaic in their approach. Before starting something, they KNOW it will work. Why? because that is what makes us different. I’m being serious.
Regardless of what I do now, I have the same process.

What do I want to do next? Carve out Why? Is it strong enough? It is? Ok let’s go.

Seek out a PROVEN method. Back test it. Investigate it. Study it. Although I may not know how long it will take for success, I know that the steps are here….I just need to brainstorm the actions and plan ahead for obstacles (as best I can). So, I’ve got a proven method. I educate. I watch. I copy. Then I make it my own. At this point, I invite obstacles. I invite failure. I need that because it becomes part of my story. Part of some snag that will allow me to learn and pick up even more speed.

This is what I hope for all of you. You all have it in you to ignite the world. One person at a time.
Your passion and motivation will get you out of the gates. It’s how will you stand up at that first struggle or sticking point?
This is where community comes in. We can not go this alone. Together, arms linked hand in hand, we are strong. Slowly, you invite your circles to join us in this mission and gets even stronger.

Action Step for Today:

1. Read Chapters 1 and 2 of Compound Effect (we will discuss Wednesday)
2. Diet,exercise,nutrition,water,P.D.
What will be your biggest struggle to do daily? why?
3. Buy a small notebook. You are going to track the food that you eat and what you drink. Everything. Just time and food
After reading the first few chapters you will see why I’m having you do it.
Regardless of what it says, be honest. This is for YOU. smile emoticon
4. End of day, comment on your BEFORE pictures and rate your day 1-5.

(If you have already read Compound Effect, you should be reading The Charge  so post on that )

Have a great day!


Day 1 | July Fit Jam

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We are so blessed to have made so many amazing friends through the Beachbody community; the single most important factor of success in what we do…the support and accountability of like-minded people.

Once again, I welcome you to this 21 Day Challenge; thank you again for ALL being so amazing during these past 7 days of getting to know each other, learning a bit about what we do…and what this challenge is all about.

Some of you have recently joined and that’s ok! As of today this group is LOCKED so, for you coaches bringing new challengers in, they must be approved.

Ok, so we have men/women of all ages, types, motivations, some of you are already coaches (distributors) and some of you are new challengers EXCITED to be a part of this challenge. We welcome ALL of you!!!

As stated previously, what makes a successful group?? Simply put, YOU GUYS! This is about having fun, staying in touch with what YOU guys want and what motivates YOU.
As a group, you guys have been AMAZING and are already growing organically…as you have paired up into accountability partners already! That is SO awesome!

Day 1:

Make sure you are READY for the week. Prep those meals, package those snacks, plan out what time of day you will work out daily, when you will drink your shakeology, when you will be reading the Compound Effect,etc.

If you don’t plan it, it didn’t happen.

Plan what time of day you will be plugging into this group. I have a full-time job as a pediatric dentist, I schedule 2x a day to plug into our group (and a few others). I recommend picking a time to check the PINNED POST and respond to the call of action AND a time to go back in and look at responses, older responses and INTERACT with the others in the group…offering words of encouragement, conversation, questions,etc.

That is the single most important part of developing a community. Read up on all of our stories. FRIEND REQUEST each other. Introduce yourselves.

Sometime today, your CALL TO ACTION is to POST your BEFORE picture (I know this will be out of comfort zone for some of you..but Brooke has been doing this in her groups with GREAT success)…So post your BEFORE picture and your WHY. Each day you will go back to this post and RATE yourself for the day (1-5) on the following things:
1. water intake (did I get at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces)
2. Shakeology
3. meal prep/plan – how did i eat today?
4. personal development – did i read at least 30 min today – or listen
5. exercise – did i complete my workout

Rate yourself 1-5 overall and write a little narrative each day on why you rated yourself that.

Let’s plan 7 days at a time.

Action Plan for today:

1. post BEFORE picture with WHY
2. State your accountability partner
3. Re-affirm by responding in this post how READY YOU ARE FOR CHANGE!!!

And BELOW are two of our newer coaches and WHY they became Beachbody Coaches. I always think this is great motivation for both challengers and coaches to see what we are all about and WHY we do what we do. I’d love to know what you’re thinking after watching these as well! Have a blessed Monday!

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Day 4 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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Day 4 Folks!

This is the 4th Day of your Prep Week!!

Today we are going to continue with the theme of strengthening your mindset before approaching this 21 day challenge.

But ALSO we are going to talk about your nutrition and how to set yourself up for success. Two videos today: One shorter one by Tony Robbins talking about nutrition and another by Les Brown. The Les Brown video entitled You Gotta Be Hungry is longer (44 min) so take time to watch that when you can, because it will GET YOU GOING!!  I PROMISE YOU!!  It’s about the fact we need to start living as if each day were our last. Valuing each moment that we are blessed with. Honor yourself as your word. Absorb and educate yourself with the principles and values you want to live by…but DONT STOP THERE! Create an action plan with goals and SPECIFIC steps to succeed.


That being said…


What can I say. I am SO ABSOLUTELY PROUD of this group…and we are ONLY in prep week! The daily check ins AND interaction between all of us has been great. Seriously. You have no idea how thankful I am to have all of you here, together!

Again, friendly reminder, MONDAY is our Day 1. Have you done your measurements? Have you entered the Beachbody Challenge on the website?

Also, for those of you that are NEW customers on Shakeology, approximately 2 weeks in you will want to contact your sponsor to switch you over to distributor status before month 2. If you ordered a challenge pack it’s FREE to do so….and you will save money every month on your Shakeology…and you can cancel at any time. Contact your sponsor for details.

As you can see, I tend to run my challenge groups different than many of the ladies…or men for that matter.
I like to focus on MINDSET first and get your personal development on point BEFORE we get into the nutrition aspect of it.

Today we are going to talk a little about diet and nutrition and end with a great video from Tony Robbins that I play for all my challenge groups…it just never gets old.

Why is it so hard to fight obesity? Why is it so hard to keep the weight off?
Well, it goes against our natural human drives. The humans that were fed and ate the most were the ones that survived. The stored fat was utilized for energy and conserved when needed. If you didn’t eat you probably didn’t live. So we are constantly fighting these hormones being released in our brain that signals us to eat.

How do you overcome this?
Well, first you must UNDERSTAND it. We must appreciate that it is in our DNA to eat and eat and eat. Also we must appreciate that food is chemically altered, sugar added, and preservatives as well…all acting to cause our brain to release chemicals telling us we are hungry….and so you keep eating, seeking out more food.

But what is stronger than sugar? Than simple carbs?

Our willpower. Our purpose. Our drive. AND food that is DENSE, nutritous and helps generate a tremendous amount of energy for us. Spinach, Broccoli, greens,etc…are nutrient dense so our brain says THANK YOU.
This can fight off the hunger chemicals…at least for a little while.

So we must also establish an emotional WHY for us to overcome the bad habits. Something we keep in front of us at all times.

We must speak out loud every morning: ” I wll feed and nourish my body with amazing food from the earth and supplement it with superfoods that will allow my mind and body to operate at a maximum capacity. I WANT and NEED CLARITY, FOCUS and PASSION to SUCCEED.

What’s next? Well, obstacles will happen. The struggle is real. So we must commit to surrounding ourselves with other men and women that want the same thing.
This is SO important. One person in a community of fast food nation will fail 100% of the time.
Even one family in a community that doesn’t exercise or eat properly…will fail 100% of the time.
You must immerse yourself in this new life. It’s your life. You deserve it.

We must let our environment work FOR us. Take a look at your kitchen and your pantry.
I’m serious.
Throw about ANYTHING that might cause you to get off track OR something that is just crap. PLEASE PLEASE don’t use the excuse that your husband, wife or child likes it. Don’t be that weak. You are the savior of the family and doing this FOR them.

Just as the Bible says, we must always be in the service of others for salvation. Basically, helping us understand the way comes first. But it’s REQUIRED to turn around and share this with your loved ones, friends and community.

There are SO many great youtube videos on willpower and science behind motivation…and the struggle of overeating…but it’s actually easier than you think.

Balance. Turn your brain off and learn a proven structure.
Team Beachbody has that structure. Simple nutrition guidelines. Superfood shake to make up for all the nutrients we dont’ get anymore AND to make up for us just not being perfect. Daily exercise. Water intake. Community.

There you have it. So simple…yet it’s human nature to doubt and throw stones at something that might cause them to disrupt their daily routines.

Ok, without further ado, here’s today video:





1. Go in your pantry and fridge and remove anything that might cause you to get off track. TAKE A PICTURE of what you decided to throw out, post it on your wall and say you are doing this for accountability..or whatever else you’d like to say…about why this change is important to you…and tag me in it.

 2. Let me know your thoughts on Tony’s Video today. When you watch, please let me know your emotions and thoughts about Les Brown’s Video as well!

         Have a great day!


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_video admin_label=”Les Brown | You Gotta Be Hungry” src=”” /][et_pb_video admin_label=”Tony Robbins | Energy for Life” src=”” /][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Day 3 | July 2015 Fit Challenge

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It was awesome to listen/read everyone’s story and why they are in this group. I think there are a few people that still have to post so I eagerly await that!
Friendly reminder to everyone: What makes a great challenge group is the PEOPLE in it and the interactions among each other.
-You guys did an amazing job on day 1 posting and checking in with the group. I’d love for you guys to take it a step further and get to know the other people in the group. Listen to their stories. Read WHY they are doing this challenge. Why they decided to become a coach? What is their deeper motivation? Comment and always try to add value…either through questions or commentary.

That is the difference between most challenge groups and the challenge groups where people inspire each other as they are changing their own lives, whether they are a coach or a challenger.

Also, for those that are new, this is PREP WEEK. So, although you might see some of us post workout pictures and food preps,etc…don’t stress! Everyone is encouraged to post and interact as much as possible. For those that already have their programs, GO TO IT! For those that are still waiting, use this prep week to engage and interact.

++Don’t forget that you need to purchase the audio or book of the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy before Monday. We will be discussing the readings during our 21 day challenge starting next monday.++

Later on this week I’m going to ask you tell family and friends in person and in social media what you are doing and what you want to accomplish during this 21 day challenge (THURSDAY). On Friday, you will be asked to CLEAN OUT your fridge/pantry with all the garbage, so to speak!

Someone asked me, “What does the TNT stand for in TNT Nation?”
I’ll tell you now! It stands for Transform N Teach. We are a nation; a tribe; a group of like-minded people that work to Transform our own lives (being the example) and then turn around and Teach others the way to passion and purpose (both through spoken word and action).
This is a MOVEMENT of sorts. I call it the Mind Body Movement.
1. Develop the Mind
2. Fuel the Body
3. Embrace the Movement

We must develop our mind first because it is what allows us to make the decision to act accordingly and follow through. We must learn emotional intelligence and a sense of WHY things happen and be forward thinking. We must engage in daily activities that encourage MENTAL fitness above all to form the foundation of our transformation.

We can be mentally strong, but without the proper fuel, we don’t go anywhere. We must nourish our mind and body with what it NEEDS. Hydration is essential. Dense nutrients from plant sources. Balanced diet allowing our immune, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems to operate at MAXIMUM capacity. We must FIGHT the urge of our ancestors to feed ourselves with the main purpose of fat storage. With the help of community and accountability, we can and must succeed.

Last but certainly not least is the importance of exercise. Committing to moving our bodies daily in some fashion strengthens our hearts and lubricates our joints. It releases endorphins that make us feel amazing, euphoric and accomplished at times. Exercise is the BEST form of stress relief. IT can be completed by ALL ages and ALL skill levels.

So there you have the basics!

Now, i’d like to hear from ALL OF YOU!



Action Steps For Today:


1. What motivates you during these challenges to encourage you to stay on track?

We are all different! Some people are motivated by money. Other by prizes. Some by praise.
Some are motivated by taking potentially unflattering before pictures and having to look at it daily.
I once had a challenge tell me they were sending me DAILY accountability progress pics to my inbox so I could hold them accountable.
Whatever motivates you…go with it!

And if you are all about the progress pics, message someone and ask them if they mind being your accountability partner.

1. Points for completing certain tasks; PRIZES at the end
2. PRAISE – Huge shoutouts throughout the challenge, tagging each other to pump each other up
3. VIDEOS -we can all do intermittent video journals to talk about ups and downs…and elect to share it with the group if you want.

Or something else?

Oh, Brooke is doing something with her group and it’s an amazing idea!

When we start the official Day 1, Monday, everyone will post their before pictures and you will return to that post EVERY DAY and rate yourself daily on how you did that terms of sticking to the plan.
(btw, for those that already started, make sure you took all those measurements and photos AND entered the Beachbody Challenge)

-As you move forward with the challenge, you might find it hard to keep scrolling and finding that original post. Just go to the search tab with your name and it will pull up all the posts just by you.

For all you newbies and a nice refresher  – here are two videos to give you an idea of how amazing Beachbody is and why we achieve such amazing results. One is about the Beachbody Challenge the second is about the Team Beachbody Coach opporunity; it will help you understand what we do and why we do it!

OK guys! have a great day and looking forward to hearing from you all!

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Day 2 July MindTribe

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Happy Tuesday!

You are about to embark on a month of fun, learning, transformation and growth!!

These daily posts will aim to be uplifting, inspiring and motivating as you approach each sunrise in a whole new light.

You will set goals to rock; you will begin actions towards those goals that might get de-railed. You might travel off course. You will want to take the easy way out. Just like every other time.

Except THIS time something will change. Use the power and support of each other as you drive forward towards your purpose in life. Be strong. Be amazing. Be spectacular.

At the end of this month I want you to look in the mirror and not judge yourself according to the curves of your body, but the thickness of your skin and the strength of your drive.


Action Step for TODAY:


2. I want you to write below SPECIFICALLY what is your goal(s) for this group. And how SPECIFICALLY do you plan to accomplish this? What steps will you take? What proven method are you using? Also, what pitfalls or obstacles do you see might happen? How will you plan for this? COMMENT BELOW

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