21 Day Fit Challenge Wednesday, July 8th 2015

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Good morning folks!

Here is a video from our last Super Saturday in Louisville; we did one of the Cize workouts, Shaun T’s newest program that is coming out.


I want you to watch this (less than) 4 minute video. Pay attention when I interview the woman in yellow. 🙂


Task for today:


Post below OR on our facebook page:

  1. WHY do you think Beachbody is different than any other network marketing company?
  2. What does The Power of Community mean to you?

Have a great day and start tagging your friends in this challenge to get them to interact in these posts during the last week.


No man/woman left behind!

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21 Day Fit Challenge July 3rd, 2015

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TGIF Folks! you guys/gals are amazing!! Pushing forward and doing some amazing things…but I think you know that.

Today I’d like to talk about something I take great pride in sharing to all of you. I’m often asked what type of personal development do I favor? Or who are my mentors? Well, my number #1 Mentor is Brendon Burchard. He is the author of The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, Life’s Golden Ticket and most recently, the Motivation Manifesto. He has an uncanny ability to tap into my innermost thoughts and almost ‘speak to me’.

He is a big fan of neuroplasticity; the idea that our mind can learn new things our whole life. The idea that we can form newer, stronger neural pathways that will allow us to accomplish whatever we want! Last week I purchased a high performance academy course that I will be starting next week; however, he offers SO MUCH amazing free content in the way of videos that I think you all will love.

In this video, he walks you through 6 questions that high performers ask themselves which allow them to succeed above and beyond the average person.

So get out there and be amazing!

Action Step for Today:

1. Pick 2 of the 6 Defining questions and answer those questions in the comments below!

2. Tell all of us what your plans are for 4th of July! 🙂

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21 Day Fit Challenge July 2, 2015

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It’s Thursday folks! How is everyone doing today? I snuck in a late night PiYo Sculpt workout outdoors…wow did I break a sweat quickly!

First, a bit of housekeeping.

As I mentioned yesterday, your success lies in your development throughout this challenge. The only way you can develop is through personal development, surrounding yourself with other people that make you better and learning as you stumble and move forward. For some of you, this is the first time, or first time in a LONG time, that you have had to deal with challenge but, instead of quitting, get back on the horse and forge on! For that I commend each and every one of you!

Whether you have been plugging in daily or once in a while, if you are reading this post that means you are farther ahead than you were before you started this challenge.

With about a week and a half left of this group, my hopes are that you realize how REAL the struggle is, how NECESSARY having a group of people around you to hold you accountable is necessary, AND for you to feel you don’t want to let anyone down.

This isn’t about scales or pounds or fitting into those new jeans. This is about turning your eyes and ears away from the rest of the world. A world that corrupts and pollutes your mind. A world that convinces you this is NOT the way. It’s a scam. Don’t believe this person. Or that person.

Well they are right about that one. The only person you should trust and believe is YOU. Absorb information but ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS test it on yourself to see if it makes sense and if you believe it.

Drink. Eat. Move. Learn. Grow. Educate. Teach. Fall. Climb. NEVER EVER QUIT.

So simple yet so few can truly get on that path of mastery.

I say this again. I am SO very proud of each and every one of you; not only for committing to your health and wellness goals…but for being STRONG in my challenge group.
I tell it like it is. I see the majority of challenge groups are the typical before/after weight loss groups. Sure they will spackle personal development and make mentions to becoming a coach…but I take it to a whole new level.
I am VERY vocal about my passion. I’ve never been about selling products or pushing false hope. What i AM about is believing in TRIBES. In COMMUNITY. Your life can be a mess right now…and you could have made a dozen mistakes in your first challenge with Beachbody…but as long as you are PART of this community…you are moving forward. Why? Because your struggles are your story. For every hiccup there is another man/women that is waiting to be connected with you….to tell them..HEY! it’s ok…I’m as messed up as you…I’m with a group of people making me BETTER….and because of that…I know I’m going to be better!

Next, what about all the men/women that have been wondering what you have been doing this past month? If you have been actively engaging, reading the compound effect and putting it to action….you have a few close friends or family that would benefit from the amazing VALUE these groups provide.

So, let’s discuss some names here and who will LEAD it…and all that good stuff.
Next week we can start the prep week so you guys can start making phone calls, text messages and call outs for our next 21 day Independence From your Old Self Challenge. (I totally made that up..haha)
-now it should be said. We are also doing a FREE 5 day Grilling Challenge starting monday. So if you have anyone on the fence but you think would benefit from this….just MAKE SURE they sign up as your FREE customer and they can be added to the grilling challenge.
For all of you signing up new challengers, and you are not comfortable presenting the opportunity yet, contact me or your upline to get you started.

Ok, as we approach July 4th…start thinking about how you are going to plan around it. Doesn’t mean you need to be crazy about it….but if you PREPARE and allow BALANCE you will be fine. Enjoy yourself!

And lastly, here’s some motivation for you!

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