Become a Coach

Are you interested in helping others achieve health and happiness?

(Oh by the way…and make $$$ too!)

BBAltSigB That is fantastic! Coaching is an extremely rewarding and powerful opportunity. You have the chance to truly impact other people’s lives for the best. Although we utilize a comprehensive list of recommendations, techniques and guidelines, the structure and support of Beachbody is an integral part of our teaching process. We adopt their core purpose: Helping people to achieve their goals to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Utilizing the formula Fitness + Nutrition  + Support + Rewards  =Success.

Beachbody provides:

  1. Fitness programs according to each individual’s ability and desire.
  2. Nutritional recommendations specific to medical history. This includes Shakeology for complete nutritional supplementation, complete meal planners and more.
  3. Support through website integration and your personal Beachbody coach who provides you with accountability and knowledge
  4. Rewards for clients that choose to participate in a Beachbody Challenge Group. Prizes range from $500 to $100,000.

What it means to be a Team Beachbody Coach:

  • You motivate others to better their lives.
  • You encourage and support them as they workout and eat right.
  • Own your business.
  • Earn as you help others.

What you DON’T have to be as a TBB Coach:

  • Someone with all the answers.
  • A fitness expert.
  • A medical professional.
  • A nutritionist.
  • Lean and ripped from day 1.

To be a great coach, you need to care. You need to have a desire to help others. We all have our own story and that is what builds our experience and credibility with others. People can tell very quickly if you have their best interests at heart. TNT Coaches do just that. They look out for their clients and help ensure success! Being a Team Beachbody Coach has so many benefits. Simply by having a Coach account, you get an automatic 25% off all purchases from TBB. You never have to actively coach anyone and you will still save 25% on anything you buy (what a deal if you use Shakeology!). You also have the opportunity to generate a great income by helping others get fit. You recommend programs, provide support, and help them reach their goals while earning a 25% commission on all purchases. If being a Team Beachbody Coach interests you, I would love you to fill out a quick form so that we can be in touch. I am focused on providing you with everything you need as a Coach. This form will help us kick start your coaching business!

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